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Student's AID

There are two types of aids available to the students of the College, namely

  1. Free Studentship and
  2. Social Service Guild (S.S.G)

(A)Free Studentship
            12.5% of the total strength of the College get free studentship which is awarded to the poor and meritorious students. Normally applications are invited for the purpose in the month of November. While awarding free studentship the following criteria shall be taken into consideration for the award    of free studentship.
            i) Poverty
            ii) Merit
            iv)Regular attendance in class and
            v)Participation in Examinations
(B)Social Service Guild
Aids from the social Service Guild are given to needy students.
1) Aims & Objectives
a) To help people in distress and organize social welfare activities.
b) To recommended help to the needy and deserving students of the college.
2) Finance
a) Each student of the college contributes an annual subscription of at least Rs3.00 towards the S.S.G. Fund.
b) High officials and well-to-do    public are occasionally approached to make donation  towards the S.S.G.Fund

3)  Management
a) The principal as the ex- officio President controls the fund of the guild and account of receipts and disbursements are maintained in the office.
b)There is an Executive Body consisting of the following
            i) President-Principal(Ex-Officio)
ii) One Vice- President nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff, who will be in charge of the S.S.G.
             iii)Two members of the Teaching Staff, nominated by the Principal.
While awarding financial help from SSG the following criteria shall be taken into consideration
i) Poverty     ii) Merit   iii) Conduct      iv) Regular attendance in class and   v) Participation in Examinations

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