Pursuant to the judgment of the Honorable Supreme Court of India dated:08.05.2009 in Civil Appeal No.887/2009 and Rule 6-3(a) of the UGC regulations on curbing the menance of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions-2009, an Anti-Ragging Committee has been constituted to ensure compliance with the provisions of the UGC regulations and the provisions of law for the time being in force concerning raging and also to monitor and oversee the performance of Anti-ragging  squad in prevention of Ragging in the Institution.

Anti-ragging Committee:

1. Principal, (Ex-Officio) - Chairman

2. I.I.C. Police Station, Gunupur - Member

3.Sri Debendra Choudhury, Local Media - Member

4. Sri P.K. Sahu, Representative of NGO - Member

5. Dr. N.M.Dash (Faculty) - Member                                          

6. Dr. J.Choudhury (Faculty) - Member

7. Sri S.B.Mohanty (Faculty) - Member

8. Dr. S. Samantaroy (Faculty) - Member

9. Sri G.M. Rao (Representative  of parent ) - Member

10. Sri B.M. Pradhan (Representative  of parent )  - Member

11. Representative of Studuent (Fresher's) - Member

12. Representative of Studuent (Fresher's) - Member

13. Representative of Studuent (Senior) - Member

14. Representative of Studuent (Senior) - Member

15. Sri S.P. Tripathy  - Member(Representative of Non-teaching Staff)