1.  All the final year students of +3 streams should appear pre-Test/Test Exam. for Traditional pattern. All the 1st year & 2nd year students should appear monthly  class examinations and mid-semester examinations for CBCS Patttern


2.   Students are required  to contact and ascertain from the respective teachers regarding  the Portion of the syllabus, question paper pattern and programme of the Examinations.

3.     The Test examination for the 1st year BA/B.Sc./B.Com., 2nd year BA/B.Sc./B.Com. and 3rd year BA/B.Sc./B.Com are ‘OBLIGATORY’ and students are required to pass these examinations.

4.   Further every student  should submit a clearance certificate ‘NO DUES’ in the prescribed form available in the College office, before the publication of Test examination results  failing which he/she will not be permitted to appear at University examination and to continue studies further in the College.

5.   The students who could not be sent up for appearing University examination  on account  of Poor results will be required   to appear a Re-Test examination to be conducted by the College.

6.     Every students is required to produce his/her identify card in the College/ University examinations.




1.      Candidates should bring their own pens and mathematical instruments.

2.      Materials like bags, mobile phones, books or papers (printed or manuscript) should not be brought into the examination hall, as nobody can undertake the responsibility of safeguarding those materials in the premises of the College.

3.      Candidates are not allowed to leave the hall before one hour from commencement of the examination.

4.      Candidates should not leave their seats unless they have submitted their answer book to an invigilator and signed in the required proforma.

5.      No candidate will be allowed to enter into the examination hall after once quitting it. In order to answer, call of nature, however, a candidate may be permitted by the invigilator to leave the hall temporarily under special supervision.

6.      The candidates are not permitted to talk to each other in the examination hall. No one shall receive any help from or assist another in any manner.

7.      The roll number should be clearly written on the prescribed column of the answer book. A answer book without the roll number clearly written will not be examined.

8.      The candidate should not while in the examination hall, write anything on the question paper or on any paper other than the answer book.

9.      A candidate wishing to say anything should stand up and remain standing until the invigilator comes to him/ her. He/ She should on no account leave his/ her seat or make any noise to call invigilator's attention to him/ her.

10.    Infringement of the above rules or misbehavior by a candidate will render him liable to expulsion from the examination hall or such other punishments as the Principal / Superintendent may deem fit.

11.    Candidates are not allowed to bring incriminating materials like cell phones, audio-video Electronic instruments etc.