1. Undertaking: Before a student is admitted to the College he / she or his/ her Guardian (if he/she is below 18 years of age) has to sign an undertaking in proper form to the effect that the student  will abide by the rules of the College.
  1. Application: All written applications should be handed over to the Head Clerk  who will place them before the Principal. The Principal domes not receive any application from the student/ guardian directly.
  1. Leave: No student shall be allowed to remain absent himself/herself without leave for more than

  3 days continuously .Application for leave must be made in advance to the principal through Proper channel. If however , the absence is due to  unforeseen circumstances an application or leave must be submitted by post or in person after returning to the College. Absence due to Illness needs a medical certificate duly signed by a Registered Medical Practitioner and uardian.Absence without leave for more than three days is a serious breach of discipline. Application for leave should be duly signed by the guardian or the superintendent (in the case of hostel boarder) or by the proctor.

  1. Bicycle: Cycles must be padlocked and kept in the cycle sheds. They should not be kept in the College verandahs.
  2. Private clubs or Teams:  Students of the College are forbidden to belong to any outside athletic club  or any other type of club or society or play for any team  other the College teams without

The written permission of the Principal obtained beforehand.

  1. Permission and leave to accompany the College team: When a body of delegation is deputed by the College to any other Institution or place away from Gunupur town for any reason, Permission must be obtained from the Principal before departure. The boarders of the Hostel Must also obtain the permission of the superintendent to leave the station.


  1. Spitting & disfiguring on the walls , floors, pillars &door etc, of College is strictly prohibited
  2. Students are forbidden to enter, loiter in the corridors& Campus of the College and tamper through any materials.
  3.  The use of College drains for the purpose of responding the “call of nature” is strictly prohibited.
  4. Students are warned against handling of bicycles or other vehicles not owned and possessed by them.
  5. Misbehavior of a student in the class room or any of the College meeting or during matches or athletic meets or any other functions is liable to be punished with a fine or expulsion or both.
  6. Scribing, Pasting placards, Posters and other papers or otherwise disfiguring the College walls or path are strictly prohibited.
  7. Moving on vehicles inside  the College campus and using of cell phones etc in class rooms is strictly prohibited.
  8. Misbehavior and coercive action of students with the Principal,Lectures, teachers or any other Employees of the College /Officers of the University or Guests of the College function/outside officers deputed to College for special official purpose will be treated as an academic  indiscipline .
  9. Students should invariably observe queue while waiting at the counter of office/Library/Exam section and they are required  to produce identity  card.
  10. Students are advised to meet the Principal and other Officers on his /her behalf, not in groups but individually only during prescribed hours of interview. They should not ordinarily enter into the office.
  11. No club or society should be started or maintained in the College and no function or meeting should be organized without the approval of the principal.
  12. Free studentship and financial help from S.S.G shall be withdrawn from a student if he/she is found irregular in attending classes/Examinations or if he/she is involved in any act of indiscipline .
  13. Students should not bring outsiders into the College campus unless and otherwise desired by the College administration.
  14. Students  should always  carry their ID-Cards and produce before  the authorities whenever required.
  15. The Infrastructural deficiencies should be beared.