The College maintains two boy's Hostel for SC/ST Boys and One Girls' hostel for SC/ST Girls. The intake capacities for the Hostels are  i). For +3 SC/ST Boys =70, ii).For +3 SC/ST Girls = 30


Application for admission into the Hostel shall be made to the Principal at the time of admission. Admission to the Hostel is made afresh every year. As a result old boarders shall have to apply for admission, if they want local students and causal student are not eligible for admission into the hostel. The basis for admission into the Hostel is purely on the merit basis.

The session of the Hostel begins from the date of reopening of the College after summer vacation. Boarders desire to stay in the Hostel during the summer vacation should seek special permission from the Hostel Superintendent. Boarders should vacate their room after the University Examinations are over. The Boarders should follow the rules of the Hostel. Allotment of the seat will be made at the discretions of the Principal or Hostel Superintendent.


a)      The following study hours should be observed.

            i)7.00 A.M to 9.30A.M ii)7.00 P.M  to 10.00 P.M       

b)      During study hours boarders are ordinarily be expected not to disturb others by any action whatsoever.

c)      Prefects will be nominated by the Superintendent and each prefect will help the Superintendent in maintaining discipline in the hostel. Each prefect is responsible for the cleanliness of his ward.

d)      The superintendent will be responsible for the maintenance of order and discipline and possesses the power to punish by boarder for breach of discipline. All cases of misconduct must be reported to the principal.

e)      The hostels fee is Rs. 1500/- per annum

f)       Total hostel fees will be collected in the college counter.

g)      Boarders are responsible for any sort of damage & loss of their belongings in their respective rooms.

h)      Boarders shall make their own arrangements of light in the room .

i)        No outsiders should be allowed to stay in the hostel (expect the parents with the permission of the superintendent). Even the parents cannot stay more than three hours.

j)        During summer vacation, the boarders (Boys & Girls) are not allowed to stay in the hostel.


1.       Absence from the hostel without leave.

2.       Continuous negligence of studies.

3.       Want of cleanliness and tidiness in the rooms.

4.       Disfiguring the walls, doors or windows of the building by writing  or by any other way.

5.       The holding of any meeting in the hostel except with the approval of the superintendent.

6.       Spitting in the rooms and corridors.

7.       Frequently absence from the Hostel in the evening or morning.

8.       Misconduct of any other description:- students may be removed from the hostel on the report of the superintendent for habitual or gross misconduct of negligence of studies.

9.       Use of Electrical heaters / High voltage electrical appliances.

10.     Allowing others to stay in their room.


The college provides two common rooms one for the Boys another for Girls students of the College for healthy recreation and personal contact among the students. There is provision for a few indoor games for each common room. Newspapers and Journals in Odia, Telugu and English are also placed in the common rooms Colour TV is provided for viewing of News & U.G.C sponsored programmes. Two peons are attached to the common rooms to attend to see small needs of the students. The principal nominates two members among the staff to remain in charge of the common room. Two student Secretaries and two Assistant Secretaries (men and women)are to be elected among the students