The Library of this college possesses a good number of collections of Books, Periodicals, Newspapers, Magazines  Book materials like Maps. Globes, Lingua phone, Records etc. arranged  subject wise and the reference section has been arranged separately. The Library membership and facilities are extended to all the bonafide students and staff. Access to the Library and books shelves are open to staff and students during prescribed time.



a) Opening Hours: The Library remains open during all working day from 10AM to 5 P.M.        except on Sundays and holidays.

b) Issue and Return Hours : Issue and return of books are entertained in between 10AM to     5 P.M only. The days of issue and return of Books will be notified by the Principal from       time to time.

2. Students and members of the staff can enter into the Library Personal holdings like books, bags etc. are not allowed inside the Library.

3. No person shall enter into the Library without identity Card / permission of the Librarian.

4. Silence shall be strictly observed in the Library premises  while consulting and borrowing books .