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The Library of this college possesses a good number of collections of Books, Periodicals, Newspapers, Magazines  Book materials likeMaps. Globes, Linguaphone, Records etc. arranged  subject wise and the reference section has been arranged separately. The Library membership and facilities are extended to all the bonafide students and staff. Access to the Library and books shelves are open to staff andstudents during prescribed time.
  a) Opening Hours: The Library remains open during all working day from 10AM to 5 P.M. except on Sundays and holidays.
b) Issue and Return Hours : Issue and return of books are entertained in between 10AM to 5 P.M only. The days of issue and return of Books will be notified by the Principal from time to time.

  1. Students and members of the staff can enter into the Library Personal holdings like books, bags etc. are not allowed inside the Library.
  2. No person shall enter into the Library without identity Card / permission of the Librarian.
  3. Silence shall be strictly observed in the Library premises  whileconsultingand borrowing books .

                                                  COMMON RULES FOR ALL BORROWERS

  1. No books or journals or Newspapers etc. shallbe taken outside the Library without the knowledge  of the Librarian / Junior Librarian until it has been properly entered in the Loan Register and the entry attested by the Borrower.
  2. Each borrower must examine the physical condition of the books and journals before they are issued.Otherwise in case of mutilations or deficiencies or lose of cover pages, bindings and cost and cost and he will be held responsible.
  3. No margining, noting, marking, underlining, dog-earing, otherwise writing ect., shall be made in the Journals, and Newspapers or any picture or pages be removed or torn or otherwise disfigured the borrower shall be asked to replace the book damaged by him / her or pay such costs as the authority may decide.
  4. While taking the books the borrower should personally check the books . In case of damage of cover disfigure of pages, otherwise writings, cuttings by insects and termites damage of binding found should immediately report the Library staff before leaving the counter and get earmarks on the book concern  by the Library staff.
  5. Books must be returned to the Library with  in the period allowed to a borrower.
  6. When the date of return of a book falls on a holiday, it amaybe returned on the reopening day of the Library.
  7. All books belonging to the Library in the possession of the borrowers shall be returned to the Library before the College is closed for the summer vacation or before the date notified for the purpose.
  8. The time allowed to borrowers of +3 streams is one month and for members of staff is 3 months. Certain books at time of demand may be issued even for a lesser time and recalled ay any time.
  9. The principal reserves the right to recall the books from the borrowers at any time before the due date of return.
  10. If any borrower keeps the Library Books in his /her possession for more than the time allowed for the purpose, no more books will be issued to him/her until the books concerned are returned to the Library. In extreme cases the privilege of facilities of the Library may be denied  to such borrower and defaulter list will be sent to the Principal for necessary action.
  11. A book once issued to a borrower may be renewed / reissued to him/her when nobody reserves to take the book and such transactions are entertained at the last loan hours only. Books before renewal /reissue shall have to be produced before the Library  counter for necessary entry in the register and to check the physical condition of the book.
  12. Reference Books, Maps, Calendars, Course of studies, Current Journals, News Papers, Pamphlets, Leaflets, Records Globe and certain Reference Materials, Text Books, Rare Books shall not be issued and these can only be referred inside  the Library with the permission of the Librarian.
  13. However,Newspapers Daily/Weekly, Current journals and back volume  journals, will be issued dually to the bearers of the staff common room,boys and girls common room for reference of the reader at their concerned premises only and those should be returned  to the Library on the same day.
  14. Back volume journals, and periodicals may be issued for overnight in exceptional cases.
  1. The Librarian will report to the Principal the name of the person responsible for improper use of the  Library materials.
  2. The Principal has the right to stop the facilities of the Library to some intending Borrowers.
  3. A borrower against whom any dues or other charge is outstanding shall not be allowed to borrow books from the Library. Name of the defaulter will be reported to the Principal for necessary action.
  4. Any book loss, loss of page, cut by insect or termites, damaged or defaced by a narrower must be replaced by him.her or he/she shall pay the triple cost of the books. If the book is one of a set or a series and a single volume cannot be obtained, the whole set or series must have to be replaced. If the price of the book or the availability of the book could not be ascertained, he/she should pay a compensating  amount fixed by the Principal.
  5. Spitting, smoking , sleeping, Gossiping inside the Library are strictly forbidden.
  6. Umbrellas, Bags , Sticks, personal books and other articles not connected with study of nooks should not be brought into the Library.
  7. Borrowerswillnot be issued clearance under any circumstances  unless they return the books or Journals due with them. Transfer of due books to toher member’s account shallnot be entertained.
  8. The maximum number of books will be issued to different classes of borrowers are as follows:-
  9. Members of teaching staff-                                    25 nos.
  10. Students of +3(Hons) Final year-             5 nos
  11. Students of  +3(Hons) 1st&2nd year-         4 nos
  12. Students of +3(Pass )                                 3 nos
  13. Other members of the College-                 5 nos
  14. If a book has several parts or volumes which have been bounded together they should be treated as one book.
  15. Books more than the provision will not be issued. Books beyond the provision may be issued with the permission of the Principal.
  16. Members of teaching staff will be lent books of their particular department only. Books of other departments shall not ordinarily be issued to the members without the consent of the H.O.D. concerned, except Odia / English / Telugu novels.
  17. If any books desired by a borrower and the same have already been issued to some other,the should reserve and wait for it until the book concerned is called back.
  18. Temporary issue of books and other reading material of the Library on requisition slip is not allowed.
  19. A member of the Library is supposed to have read the Library rules, Ignorance of rules is not an excuse.


  1. Identity-cum library cards will be issued to the students in the beginning of the academic session in the office. The students have to register their names in the Library by Producing the Identity-cum-Library card and admission receipt at the Library counter.
  2. Books will be issued only on production of the identity-cum- Library cards at the Library counter.
  1. If the identity-cum-Library card is lost or damaged a fresh card will be raised by the office on payment of Rs. 50/- and necessary enrty should be made in the Library Registers immediately.
  2. The issue and return hours of Books for all students is in between 10.30 AM to 4.00 P.M respectively on all working days at the Library counter.
  3. In case of non-refund of books on the due date marked, a fine of Rs.0.50ps per day per book will be levied.
  4. No student will be allowed to keep the Library books during the summer vacation. Notification will be made for return of books before filling up of forms for University examinations.
  5. Queue and silence should be observed at the Library counter during the loan hours.
  6. Books of a particular faculty  shall not be issued to student of other faculties.
  7. Other rules relating to safe keeping, handling, marking etc., as provided in the rules (section 2) for borrowing book must be observed.
  8. Students are not allowed to enter into the Library without the permission of the Librarian.
  9. Students are supposed to follow the Library issue and return scheduled programmes and timings notified from time to time.
  10. At the time of issue of C.L.C. students must have to deposit their identity cum Library card at the Library counter to obtain necessary clearance from the Library.
  11. Every student should check the book properly before leaving the counter anf if any damage, loss of found should immediately be pointed out to the Library staff and obtain necessary rectification, otherwise they willbe held responsible for the damage.

                                                                   RULES FOR BOOK BANK
There is a provision of Book Bank in the College . Book Bank function separately. The basic aim is to provide books  to poor anf meritorious students of the College. The purpose of Book Bonk is to provide text books for one academic year  to the poor  and deserving students of the College. Applications are invited in the beginning of the session for issue of books by the Principal.

                                                                                Book Bank

  1.  A member of teaching staff remains in charge of it for its maintenance and safe keeping .
  2. Applications are invited in the beginning of the year.
  3. Attested copies of income certificate of Father / Guardian and marks sheet of previous examination should be enclosed along with the application for selection while applying for books from the Book Bank.
  4. Books are issued on payment of 20% of the cost of book to be deposited at the office counter and the receipt has to be produced at the Library counter for issue of books .
  5. Bookd are provided on the basis of merit and economic condition of the applicants subjects to the availability of books.
  6. Book are issued for one year only. The borrower should return  the books before filling up form for University  Examinations; otherwise clearance will not be issued for the purpose.
  7. Like general Library, other rules of Book Bank and lending Library rests with, the Principal. The above rules may be amended by the Principal from time to time if necessary.
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