The National Service Scheme in this College is directly controlled by Berhampur University. There are three units of the N.S.S, having strength of 50 students each.

Eligibility of membership in N.S.S.

            The students of all the classes are eligible to join. It is voluntary at present.

Officer-In-charge of N.S.S.

            N.S.S. Programmee Officers    1. Sri S.B.Mohanty (Coordinator)                                     

  2. Dr. S.N. Panda (Unit -III)                                           

  3. Sri. A.R. Mohanty (Unit -I)                                             

  4. Dr. J. Jethy (Unit - II)

Programmers under this scheme:

Various programmes are undertaken namely, Literacy drive, physical work, health and sanitary drive in the local places socio-economic problems, for example: untouchability, child marriage, fire, famine, flood, deforestation and proper publicity  of Govt. Schemes etc. some steps are taken up to strengthen the case of National Integration. Programmes shall be implemented to bridge the gap between student youths and non-student youths in village.

Incentives to the student-members of N.S.S

1.       Allowance of conveyance, food and refreshment.

2.      Award of certificates, medals to distinguished N.S.S. members at the College , State and National levels.

3.       Preference in matters of education/employment.

4.       Opportunity to participate in N.S.S programmes held in state level and thus enabling students to visit other places ‘

5.       Proper publication of the works.