The College Crest

The college crest embodies the motto “Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya” meaning “Lead me from the darkness of ignorance to the light of wisdom”. The temple at the center of the logo symbolises the ancient glory of Buddhism at “Jagamanda” a village fourteen miles north to GUNUPUR. The lamp and the book at the base stand as the eternal symbols of knowledge and light. The sixty-four leaves around the crest symbolize “Chautursasti Kalas”. The name of the College is inscribed in English in the upper circle of the crest.

A Brief History of the College

The college started functioning on the 2nd July 1973, owing to the benevolence and sacrifice shown by the local inhabitants. We have nothing to offer them in response for their philanthropic endeavor except remembering them to-day; as the pioneers of a great social cause and an ad infinitum source of inspiration and unfathomable admiration of Humanity. The college was affiliated to Berhampur University in August 1974. Subsequently, the Education Department, Government of Odisha, accorded recognition to the college on 11 November 1975. The college imparts education in Arts, Science and Commerce streams at Undergraduate level. In 1974-75, affiliation was granted to I.A. Course and that for I. Sc. during 1981-82. In 1979-80, affiliation was granted to start Honours Courses in History, IRPM, Economics and Commerce. Thus, after initial hurdles, the Institute has blossomed into a full-fledged College. The college has well maintained Hostels to cater to the accommodation of outstation students, both Boys and Girls amid disciplined, amiable and RAGGING-FREE ENVIRONMENT. The faculty members, the students, the Governing Body and the conscious public over the years have contributed in their humble capacities to uphold the academic dignity of the college. Many meritorious students have excelled well by dint of their academic achievements, which has brought glory to the College. The college has also carved a significant niche for itself in the area of sports and games. The College has been accredited as a “B” Grade Degree College by NAAC (UGC) during 2016. The college today strives with new zeal and vigour to maintain its rich tradition and glory.

Succession List of Presidents, Governing Body, Gunupur College, Gunupur W.E.F. 01-06-1980 to Continuing

Sl No. Name date
1 Shri Chinmaya Basu, I.A.S. Sub-Collector, Gunupur 01-06-1980 to 28-08-1981
2 Shri Niranjan Jali, O.A.S(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 29-08-1981 to 02-11-1983
3 Shri Sanjib Kumar Ray, O.A.S(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 02-11-1983 to 03-09-1984
4 Shri Prafulla Chandra Mishra, I.A.S Sub-Collector, Gunupur 03-09-1984 to 07-09-1986
5 Shri A.M.Dalavai, I.A.S. Sub-Collector, Gunupur 08-09-1986 to 25-08-1987
6 Shri N.Ch.Mohanty, O.A.S (I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 26-08-1987 to 31-08-1987
7 Shri S.K.Mishra, I.A.S. Sub-Collector, Gunupur 31-08-1987 to 31-05-1990
8 Shri H.K.Patra, O.A.S. (I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 31-05-1990 to 24-07-1990
9 Shri Maguni Jena, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 24-07-1990 to 25-03-1991
10 Shri P.K.Mohapatra, I.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 25-03-1991 to 27-05-1992
11 Shri Madhab Nayak, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 27-05-1992 to 12-08-1992
12 Shri Gadadhar Parida, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 12-08-1992 to 28-10-1992
13 Shri Purna Ch.Sagar, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 28-10-1992 to 30-07-1995
14 Shri Ramesh Chandra Pradhan, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 30-07-1995 to 12-08-1999
15 Shri Sanjaya Kumar Singh, I.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 12-08-1999 to 04-05-2001
16 Shri Rama Chandra Das, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 04-05-2001 to 21-03-2002
17 Shri Sachitananda Das, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 22-03-2002 to 19-05-2002
18 Shri Dukhishyam Paik, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 20-05-2002 to 05-07-2002
19 Dr. S.B.Padhi, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 05-07-2004 to 05-08-2004
20 Dr.Krishna Kumar, I.A.S. Sub-Collector, Gunupur 05-08-2004 to 18-09-2006
21 Shri Hemanta Kumar Singh, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 19-09-2006 to 02-12-2006
22 Shri Ranjan Kumar Sharma, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 03-12-2006 to 27-06-2007
23 Dr. Pratap Indra Dash, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 01-08-2007 to 31-08-2009
24 Shri Ravindra Pratap Singh, I.A.S. Sub-Collector, Gunupur 31-08-2009 to 01-04-2010
25 Shri Biranchi Narayan Rath, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 16-04-2010 to 27-09-2010
26 Dr. M.Muthu Kumar, I.A.S. Sub-Collector, Gunupur 27-09-2010 to 13-06-2011
27 Shri B.C.Mohapatro, O.A.S.(I) Sub-Collector, Gunupur 19-06-2011 to 28-08-2011
28 Shri V.Jaya Kumar, I.A.S. Sub-Collector, Gunupur 29-08-2011 to 29-08-2012
29 Md. Sadique Alam, I.A.S. Sub-Collector, Gunupur 30-08-2012 to 21-01-2013
30 Sri Rama Murty Mutika Hon’ble ex-M.L.A., Gunupur 21-01-2013 to 02-10-2016
31 Sri Trinath Gomango Hob’ble M.L.A., Gunupur 03-10-2016 to 24-01-2020
32 Dr.Siddehswar Baliram Bondor, I.A.S Sub-Collector, Gunupur 24-01-2020 to 10-09-2020
33 Sri J. Sonal, I.A.S Sub-Collector, Gunupur 10-09-2020 to continuing

Succession List of Principals, Gunupur College, Gunupur

Sl No. Name date
1 Sri M.Surya Narayana, M.A.,B.Ed. 02-07-73 to 02-02-74
2 Sri Aluo Kumar Kar, M.A (In charge) 02-02-74 to 04-07-74
3 Sri I.Gopal Rao, M.A., LL.B. (In charge) 04-07-74 to 22-11-76
4 Sri M.Suryanarayana, M.A.,B.Ed. 22-11-76 to 25-07-79
5 Sri I.Gopal Rao, M.A.,LL.B. (In charge) 25-07-79 to 17-01-81
6 Sri P.Bhaskar Rao, M.Sc. 17-01-81 to 01-10-82
7 Sri I.Gopal Rao, M.A.,LL.B. (In charge) 01-10-82 to 08-04-82
8 Sri Aluo Kumar Kar, M.A.) (In charge) 08-04-83 to 01-11-83
9 Maj.B.T.Reddy, M.A.(O.E.S-I) 01-11-83 to 26-06-89
10 Dr. S.P.Panda, M.A.,Ph.D.,LL.B (In charge) 26-06-89 to 04-10-89
11 Sri Hrushikesh Sahoo, M.A. 04-10-89 to 22-01-92
12 Dr. S.P.Panda, M.A.,Ph.D.,LL.B. (In charge) 22-01-92 to 22-02-92
13 Sri P.K.Mishra, M.A. (In charge) 22-02-92 to 14-01-93
14 Sri T.P.Mohapatro, M.A.,LL.B. 14-01-93 to 30-06-96
15 Sri U.N.Panigrahi, M.A. (In charge) 30-06-96 to 31-10-96
16 Sri Jacob Jacob, M.Sc. 01-11-96 to 08-07-98
17 Sri P.K.Chhotray, M.A.M.Phil. 09-07-98 to 30-11-03
18 Sri R.C.Das, M.Com.,LL.B. 01-12-03 to 30-06-05
19 Sri I.Gopal Rao, M.A.,LL.B. (In charge) 30-06-05 to 21-09-05
20 Sri Aluo Kumar Kar, M.A.,M.Phil 21-09-05 to 04-10-08
21 Sri T.Sudarsana Rao, M.A.,LL.B. (In charge) 04-10-08 to 24-06-09
22 Sri T.Sudarsana Rao,M.A.,LL.B. 25-06-09 to 26-06-11
23 Sri Dr.Smt.Indra Adhikari, M.A.,LL.B. (In charge) 27-06-11 to 12-10-11
24 Sri T.Sudarsana Rao,M.A.,LL.B 13-10-11 to 31-03-13
25 Sri V.Kodanda Rao, M.Com (In charge) 01-04-13 to 31-03-14
26 Sri S.Lokanath, M.Sc. (In charge) 01-04-14 to 29-02-16
27 Sri Mohan Chandra Sahu, M.Com.,M.Phil (In charge) 01-03-16 to 31-07-18
28 Dr.Bamadebo Misra, M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D. (In charge) 01-08-18 to continuing