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Student Union

The Student’s Union shall be the sole tribune of the student’s opinion inside the college. The objectives of the Union are;

  1. To stimulate interest in the students in intellectual & academic activities by holding debates, occasional lectures by dignitaries.
  2. To hold debates so as to provide opportunities for the cultivation of the art of debates and public speaking among the students.
  3. To promote social intercourse among the members of the Union.


  1. All students of the +3 stream of College shall be the members of the union.
  2. Any student, whose name is struck off from the rolls of the College, shall cease to be a member of the union.

3.   The following shall be the office –bearers of the union. 
Office bearers

  1. The President (ii) The Vice-President (iii) The Secretary (iv) The Asst. Secretary

Executive Committee
                                    The executive committee consists of the following:

  1. The President (ii) The Vice-President (iii) The Secretary (iv) The Asst. Secretary (v) One class representative from each +3 class of the three years Arts/Comm./Sc. (vi) In addition to the above 9 class representatives , one woman representative will be elected by the  women students of the union.

The Advisor and Associative Advisors

  1. There shall be an advisor nominated by the principal among the senior members of the teaching staff.
  2. There shall be an associated advisor nominated by the Principal among the senior members of the teaching staff to help the advisor in the smooth conduct of the union functions.
  3. The Advisor and  or Associate Advisers shall remain present at ordinary meetings of the union. They will assist by their helpful suggestion in proper conduct of the union meetings.
  4. The Advisor may , if he is unable to be present at the meeting, request a member of the staff to take his place and such person will discharge all the functions of the adviser.
  5. The ruling given by the adviser in a meeting of the union on the request of the President shall be final.

The President

  1. Any member of the union is eligible to stand for the post of President of the union.
  2. The President shall preside over all meetings of the union at which he remains present. He shall be responsible for maintaining order and interpreting the rules. His ruling is considered as final.

The Vice-President

  1. Any member of the union reading in 1st year degree and 2nd year degree class shall be eligible to contest for the post of Vice-President.
  2. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall assume all his rights and discharge all the duties.

The Secretary

  1. Any member of the union can stand for the post of secretary.
  2. The Secretary shall arrange debates ; give notice to all meetings held under the auspices of the union.
  3. The Secretary shall select the subject for debates in consultation with the President.
  4. The Secretary is liable to execute all decisions of the executive committee of the union.

The Asst. secretary

  1. Any member of the union, who will be appearing for the final examination of any course of the University , shall not be eligible to contest for the post of Asst. Secretary.
  2. The Asst. Secretary shall assist the Secretary in the discharge of the duties and in his absence discharge all duties.

The Vacancies in office

  1. The office bearers shall hold office for the entire session unless they (i) cease to be members of the college union (ii) voluntary resign in writing, addressed to the Principal (iii) or removed from the office as provided in rule 1(b) below.
  2. A motion for vote of no-confidence against any of the executive member who fails to discharge his duties properly can only be brought forward before the general body for consideration provided at least 1/3 of the members of the union sign a requisition with specific charge to the effect. On receipt of such a requisition, the Principal shall call for an extraordinary meeting of the Union to be held for that purpose giving at least seven clear days’ notice. Such a motion shall be deemed to have been passed only if not less than 2/3rd members of the Union present and vote in its favor.
  3. Office bearers who are appearing University examination shall be deemed to have vacated their offices by the end of January. If the President and Secretary vacate their offices on the above ground then the Vice-President and Asst. Secretary shall succeed them respectively as the President and the Secretary respectively.
  4. If any office falls vacant in-spite of these arrangements , it shall be filled up by holding a by-election subject to rule 10(e) provided below, if it is felt necessary.
  5. Any office falling vacant after January will be kept vacant. The function of the vacant office will be looked after by the succeeding President and Secretary.
  6. In case of the office of the succeeding President and Secretary fall vacant the Executive of the college Union will elect any member or members to the office concerned from among themselves subject to the approval of the Principal.


  1. Annual:- The Annual meeting of the College Union shall be held on such date as the Principal may appoint soon after the elections are over , where the incoming office bearers shall assume office. The Principal or his nominee shall preside over the meeting.
  2. Ordinary:- Ordinary meeting of Union / sister Associations may be arranged by the secretary in consultation with the President and Advisor and Vice-President. The Secretary shall be responsible for issuing notice of such meeting at least two days prior to the meeting containing particulars such as the date and place of the meeting, subject for debate etc.
  3. Extra Ordinary Meeting:- The extra ordinary meeting of the union /Sister Association may be convened:
  4. At the direction of the Principal.
  5. On a written request addressed to the Principal and signed by not less than 30% of the College Union.
  6. Or on the request of the President to the Principal justifying the necessity for calling such a meeting when this is considered necessary by the Principal.

11.  Subject:
a) In the  emergency meeting, if the majority of the Executive  member present does not  feel the
necessary of Such  a meeting , then the meeting will be dissolved.     
b) If the majority  of the members  of the  executive committee demand in writing before the       
President to convene a meeting of the executivebody,then the  President shall with the permission
of the Principal    convene such meeting.

12. Amendments:
a) Amendments to any of these above rules shallbe considered in the Annual meeting of the  Union.
b) Any amnedent effected by majority of 2/3rd  of the student present at the annual meeting of the 
College Union and approved by the  Principal will be effictive from the date of approve.
c) Any proposed amendment duly seconded shall be given notice of at least  aweek earlier.
13. General.
a) During debate all general rule regarding debat and meeting shall be observed.
b)The President may call any member to order or ask  any member to leave the meeting.
c)The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the Union.
14. Financial Procedure:
a)In the Annual Budget  meeting of the College Union Executive Committee’ funds will be allocated to
the College Union and various Associations if they so desire  except Dramatic Association &
Athletic Association.
b)Any subsequent amount to be drawn by the Secretary will not be admissible unless the voucher in
supportof expenditure incurred out  of the  previous amount  drawn are submitted  immediately
after the function  is over within  seven days duly passed by the Executive  Committee.
c)In  case  of emergency the  Secretary of the  College Union   can draw the money approved by
the College Union executive committee  by submitting a requisition for the necessary  amount in
consolation with the President , College Union.
d)The Secretary of the Students Union is liable to submit the  materials (if any , taken from the 
College)/Bills/Vouchers/Accounts of the expenditure incurred by him/her/,in the  office through the
Adviser by the  31st December of that Academic Session.
e) An amount not less than 5% of the  collections during a year shall be kept as reserve to meet the
unforeseen expenditure,ifany,and shall   be Carried  over to the  next  year.At the end  of the 
academic session of every year,the unspent amount shall accrue to the  Development  fund of the 
college and will be utilized for various development work by the Principal.
f) The totalexpenditure on refreshment arranged at different times throughout the year on
Different occasions should not exceed 20% of total collection  ofthat year.
g)TA and DA shall be paid at the following rates to different student representatives from the funds of
the different associationswhenever they are deputed by Principal.
i)Actual   Bus/Train fere will be  allowed,                        ii)DA Rs. 55/- per day will be paid.
15.The presence of one  third members in Executive committee  and General Body meeting is necessary for 
quorum of the meetings of both executive and  General Body respectively.
16. The opinion  of the College Union may be taken in matters like excursion, magazine and drama 
and  sending delegates to  youth conferences or to university debates that directly concerns the
general interest of the student.
17. As  per the Govt.decision, the annual function of the student’s Union and other sister Associations should be conducted during the month of  December only.

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