The college is located at the eastern part of Gunupur town on a site gifted by Sri Narasingha Gouda of Alada and Sri Laxmi Narayan Patro of Sirijholi. The College is nestled in the shade of Pragnya Hills. Below it, stretches the vast undulating plain and the Bansadhara river curls its way to hug the land like a silver girdle. The embellished elegance of the place begins to weave a spell and the wild lonesomeness imparts a piercing effect, a calming experience. The academic atmosphere is further heightened with the symphony of the ringing bells of Lord Ganesh and Shiva and the radiant light that emanates from the lamps of Rameswar Temple at the hill-top. The earth colours itself according to seasons and the air is alive with fresh exotic fragrance. The Sephali and Aruna Trees lap their fronds and rustle with passing wind. The serene, calm nature scenery around the college makes one peep into what is integral to life.